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Dear Solar Trader Community.
Two weeks ago, we launched SolarTrader, and we have already received fantastic feedback from our users. This newsletter will dive into what has happened in the past two weeks and the road ahead.

New Website Features

The team behind Solar Trader is committed to extending the functionality even further. We have released the following new features based on user feedback over the past two weeks.
  • Listings on Solar Trader are now being synced with Google Shopping. This dramatically increases the exposure of your listing and reduces the timeframe from listing to sale.
  • The Solar Trader's Facebook Page now has a shop where all listings are synced. Similar to Google shopping, this increases the exposure of your listings and will allow you to sell your listing quickly.
  • A further feature update is the option to submit Wanted Listings. Here, users can submit free "Wanted" listings. Please watch this video here for complete instructions on how to do so.
Wanted Category

Feature Roadmap

We are currently working on the following features that will further enhance the functionality of our website.

  • Soon, it will be possible to submit listings for users based in New Zealand. This will increase the exposure of your listings and bring the Australian and New Zealand Solar Communities even closer together.
  • We are working on a feature that allows users to set up specific search filters, save this, and get notified when a listing that matches that filter is added as a new listing. For example, Solar PV modules with 330w and 35mm frames. When a new listing is added that matches these search criteria, you will receive an email with a link to the listing.
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Visit our Help section for a comprehensive list of video tutorials and FAQ's.

Check out the latest listings.

SolarEdge 4000HD 4kW Single Phase Inverter

This unit is brand new and unopened, it is a leftover inverter from a customer that didnt go ahead with an install


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SolarEdge 4000HD 4kW Single Phase Inverter

x10 SolarEdge panels 370W with Optimisers

x10 SolarEdge panels 370W with Optimisers
x10 Brand New original Solar Edge panels  370W | with original optimizer 

pick up from Glenhuntly, VIC 

Expiry date 08/12/2023


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  • High voltage LG battery
  • Usable Energy (kWh) 9.6
  • Remote Battery Monitoring
  • On-the-Spot Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring


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Fronius 50KA-3 Smart meter

Fronius 50KA-3 Smart meter
fronius 50ka three phase smart meter, brand new in box


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